Unsolved: Bruno Borges

Bruno Borges is a twenty-four year old Brazilian man who disappeared on March 27th, 2017. Bruno was not your average man. He had extremely deep thoughts regarding the meaning of life and what life means as a whole. Although many people find this interesting and ponder about these questions, his curiosity completely took over his life.

While his family was away, Bruno completely transformed his room. No, this was not a type of spring cleaning, this was something much deeper than that. Between the preparation and purchases, it took Bruno twenty four days to complete what he called his “master piece”. Within his room was symbols and writings covering the floor all the way to the ceiling. Along the shelves and bookcases were 14 encrypted books and a photo on his wall containing himself and an alien. To pay for his creation, Bruno borrowed money from multiple people in his family, including his father and cousin. The books he had left were written by him. Each were labeled with roman numerals and read about his theories behind the meaning of life. Throughout his project, he kept it all a secret. His mother announced knowing he was taking part in a project but had no details as to what it really was. Police have suspected that a few of Bruno’s friends may have know the real reason as to why Bruno had done such a bizarre thing.  During his process, Bruno had hired a sculptor to create a life size model of the philosopher Giordano Bruno. When the sulptur was complete, Bruno placed it in the center of his bedroom with specific measurements.

Giordano Bruno was an italian philosophers and was killed in the late 1500s. His cause of death was being burned at the stake. The reason for this was due to his preposterous beliefs in that time period. Like Bruno Borges, Giordano believed in aliens and free thought. He too wanted to understand the true meaning of life. To make things even stranger, Bruno Borges and Giordano Bruno look extremely similar. Bruno believed he was the reincarnated version of  Giordano and worshiped his work.

Bruno was said to be extremely intelligent and well read. His family claims he would read fifteen books within month. Although all of this was a shock to his family, they feel as if Bruno encrypted these books with codes to allow people to find the true meaning of the universe. Within one of the fourteen books he had created, the police were able to crack a small paragraph with in one.

Bruno’s books spoke about the illuminati and government control. He believed that there is one government that pulls all the strings in the world behind closed doors, and the common people are just the media. The day Bruno left he was said to be wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and was carrying only a backpack. Bruno vanished while the rest of his family was on vacation. After leaving his house, he was seen getting into a cab and was taken to a motel nearby. Behind the motel, there was supposedly a spiritual place of some sort. When the police arrived to the hotel and spiritual scene, there were traces of a bonfire there, and 5 plastic chairs. The chairs were in a circle, all facing the fire. Four out of five of the chairs were white, and the remaining one was red. 

The police and bruno’s family feel as if he had willingly left and was not taken or kidnapped. Bruno had a dark and deep passion that consumed his life and the people around him. Outsiders on the other hand believe that Bruno was abducted by aliens. Others think this was a psychotic break down. No matter what the cause was, Bruno’s family desperately want him home. To get him there, his father has tried to bribe him, promising him publication of all fourteen books. No matter what his resonings were for leaving his family deserves answers.