Why You Should Hate College Board

College Board sucks.

Between colleges paying for students’ private information so they can send them annoying and steadfast mail and making students pay $12 a head so they can send their useless SAT scores to colleges that their entire future rests upon, College Board sucks.

We have to pay to send financial aid forms to private schools. They make us pay so that we can have scholarships, grants, and financial aid for the “opportunity” to attend college for a upwards of $40,000 a year, all for a degree that might not even qualify us for a high paying job, which leads us in the endless cycle of the “You Can’t Live Off Of Minimum Wage” debate.

While more and more schools are opting to become test-optional, there are still overwhelming amounts of colleges that demand test scores with your application. It’s been proven that SAT and ACT scores don’t actually say anything about a students intelligence – only how good you are at taking a test. Why should that be a major factor in our futures?

Here’s why you should hate College Board, if you don’t already: It’s a monopoly, and it’s not there to help you. It’s there to drain you of money, confidence, and happiness, all at the same time. They label themselves as not-for-profit, but they make upwards of 800 million dollars a year.

Don’t you think there should be a fair, reasonable, and cheap way to apply for college without wasting hundreds of Image result for elf transparent background dollars on useless tests? I do too, but there is no escape from College Board.

In the capitalistic world we live in, the future is unknown. College Board may not escape the revolution when the economy collapses and Jeff Bezos gets eaten, but as long as we are restrained by the reigns of rich white men who want more money, we will never really be free of the College Board scheme. We will struggle for the rest of our lives, but we can always watch the Kardashians buy another summer home in the Bahamas.