Ford F-150 vs. Tesla Cybertruck: Who Would Win?

Earlier this month, Tesla wanted to show the power of their Cybertruck by having it go against one of Ford’s more popular pickup trucks, the F-150. The trucks were tied to each other and were going to have a vehicle on vehicle tug of war. A small film crew was on the scene to record the event. At first, both cars seemed evenly matched but after a few seconds the Cybertruck won and started dragging the  F-150 along. At first this was surprising, and people thought “Oh, cool,” but something didn’t sit right with some people.

When Tesla announced the classification of the Cybertruck, the skeptics found out why it didn’t sit right. The Cybertruck is a Class 2B vehicle which means that it can tow anywhere from 4,000, or 12,000, or even 14,000 pounds. The Ford F-150 is a Class 2a, which means that it can tow from 5,000 to 8,000 pounds. The vehicles weren’t even in the same classification, which caused many to view Tesla’s flaunting of the Cybertruck being better than F-150 as irrelevant. 

This has led to people feeling the Cybertruck is unnecessary since there are other trucks in the same category that are cheaper and can handle much more. People have come to compare the Cybertruck to Ford’s F-250 since they are in the same category. Not only is the F-250 cheaper, but it is also able to tow nearly 10,000 pounds more than the Cybertruck and is already available nationwide. 

This “cheating” has led some people to go on social media demanding a rematch, but with the 250 instead of with the 150, while others just cried their woes or chose to forget about it. Looking at the numbers, the 250 is far superior, but we have yet to see the full potential of the Cybertruck. Who knows. maybe the Cybertruck has the comfort of most luxury vehicles as well as the utility of some pickup trucks?