Notice The Little Things

It’s funny to think that just a few words can change someone’s mood in a blink of an eye. I remember when I was young and my mom told me to walk up to this old woman, about age 60 or so. She didn’t look too happy because she couldn’t find something she was looking for on the shelf. I walked up to her, tugged the small of her long yellow dress and told her she looked very pretty. At that moment I was able to experience something I hadn’t before. Her frown that reached the bottom of her chin instantly shot up into a big smile that showed her pearly white teeth. She then replied with a simple “Thank you sweetheart, so are you!” and gave my mom a wink. My mom goes on to tell me to this day that the lady was on her way to put her dog down and was trying to find his favorite treat to give him before he went. And that I, a three-year-old, gave her hope he would go peacefully and it would all be okay.

To this day I live by that story. I go out every morning trying to make everyone’s day better not because I have to, but because when I make them happy it makes me happy. Even just a simple “Did you get a haircut? It looks good!” or a “Hi pretty!” will make someone’s day. You’d be amazed at the results you will get when you give someone a little attention or if they know you noticed something was different.

So from now on I want YOU to try something. When you see your Mom or Dad in the morning tell them they look beautiful or handsome. Tell your classmate that he or she has a nice smile. Notice the little things. It works.