Retired Cheerleader, Hailey Burns!


For this week’s Where Are They Now? we have retired cheerleader from the Class of 2019, Hailey Burns! Hailey was – and still is – someone I like to refer to as my big sister due to the leadership she’s shown me ever since I started cheer. Since she was little, she cheered for the Oaklyn Cats competitive team and started to cheer for the high school varsity team as soon as her freshman year started. Come along with me as we dive into finding out what she’s been doing this past year!

Malia: Hey Hailey! How’s life been since you’ve left Audubon High School?

Hailey: So far, my life’s been pretty good! College is hard and a lot to handle, especially while working. I miss the work at Audubon High School and how easy it was to get help from the teachers!

Malia: Ah, I gotcha! So, how has college been and where are you going?

Hailey: I’m attending Camden County College. I like the college life but the work is just a lot harder. I would take the high school work over college work ANY DAY!

Malia: Oh man, that’s scary; especially since I’m a senior going into college. What are you majoring in?

Hailey: I’m majoring in criminal justice.

Malia: That’s pretty neat. So, what’s your favorite thing about being in college?

Hailey: I would have to say that since most of my friends went away, I get to go visit them and see different colleges to figure out where I want to go when I transfer out of Camden County. 

Malia: Okay, last question… If there’s any advice you could give to people going into college what would you say?

Hailey: My advice would be to really give it your all and don’t worry about going out/being with your friends. Put your school work first because you can drop so far behind so fast in college.

Malia: Wow, thank you so much Hailey! It was nice catching up and hearing from you!

Hailey: Of course! Anytime!