We Might Live in Sonic Submarines?


Sorry for the Beatles-inspired title, but this is something really interesting. Back in The Cold War, the Soviet Submarines created a new type of torpedo that creates a bubble of an air pocket around itself and was able to reach speeds underwater that have never been seen before. They were able to even out the naval battle field for a time. But nowadays, scientists are thinking about applying that same exact tech to our military’s submarines.

There are many problems with the idea though, such as the stress that the sub’s hull would be going under. It could in all reality break under the high speed pressure of moving so fast. Then, there is the problem of sustaining the bubble across the entirety of the sub. So far, we are barely able to sustain a small membrane around the sub. But once we do, projections see that we could possibly make submarines that can break the sound barrier! Both the United States and Chinese militaries have two seperate ideas on how to get to these “subs.”

The American way is having a small attachment full of a compressed synthesized membrane that would spread across the entire sub, making it slip through the water without much resistance. Then, there is the Chinese way, which is first having a slippery substance that is applied before the membrane. Both ways have the same premise but in my own opinion, the Chinese military have the better idea to apply the membrane.

Now, we are at another problem, since these “subs” will be moving extremely fast under the water and will have very little resistance, they will have an extremely hard time of turning if they get off course, let alone slowing down from those insane speeds. So, we’ll run into the problem of fighting against nature, and disturbing the natural flow of species throughout our oceans. Though we are definitely making progress on our own planet, we are also bringing with it some disastrous consequences if this all goes wrong.

So, I urge you to do some serious research about our world. If we aren’t educated on how certain things that we do affect our own planet, then we might break something in our world that we cannot fix, for we are barely keeping up with our atmosphere’s needs. We might not be able to also take on saving our oceans more than what we are doing as of right now.