Inuyashiki is a Beautiful , Ugly Anime That Should Be Talked About More

Recently, I’ve noticed that I haven’t had the time to watch most animes that people have recommended me. They usually run for dozens upon dozens of episodes, and the sheer amount of material overwhelms me and pushes me away from the series. When I was finally recommended shorter animes and manga, I took the chance to check them out. Inuyashiki was one of them, and I’m glad I checked it out. 

Starting with the story, it’s absolutely fantastic. Inuyashiki follows a man named Inuyashiki Ichiro, a middle aged and friendless man, with an incredibly ungrateful family. The closest thing Ichiro has to a friend is a stray dog that he found near his house. One evening, while going through a public park, he is killed by aliens crashing to Earth. Feeling guilty, the aliens rebuilt his body with their technology. Upon finding out the capabilities of his new body, Ichiro found a new purpose in life and uses his powers to assist those in need and do good for the world. Little to Ichiro’s knowledge, another person was in the park the night of his accident. A highschool student by the name of Hiro Shishigami, who suffers the same exact fate as Inuyashiki; The only difference being that Hiro becomes a psychopath after the procedure, and goes on multiple massacres throughout the series. Inuyashiki then comes into multiple conflicts in order to stop Hiro and protect humanity. The story goes through multiple twists and turns, and there is still so much more to it that I haven’t mentioned. 

The characters are also phenomenal, but I still have some issues with them. I love Ichiro, and he is probably one of the best characters of the series. Hiro is probably the most easy to hate character. When I say hate, I don’t mean that his character type is bad. I mean that he is so evil, it is near impossible to like him as a person. The creators tried to make Hiro somewhat likeable by making him save a few people and care for others, but it’s hard to like a character who murdered families (yes, including young children) just for kicks. There is a girl named Shion Watanabe, who is a classmate of Hiro’s. She has a crush on him and defends him throughout the story and actually manages to make him behave for an episode or two. Another notable character is Naoyuki Andō. Naoyuki is, without a doubt, probably one of the most rational people in Hiro’s life. He is originally Hiro’s friend, but over time drifts away and helps Ichiro upon finding out about Hiro’s sociopathic tendencies. He also becomes friends with Ichiro which made him even more likeable.

The animation is okay. It doesn’t look bad, but it’s meant to look realistic and it doesn’t quite hit the mark. There are also points where there is CG which looks really weird and at some points it just looks really bad. My major gripe with the animation is Ichiro himself. He almost doesn’t look like a real person, so seeing him on screen with all of these “realistic” people is kind of off-putting. Another weird thing with the animation is that a fair amount of characters just look plain ugly. Now, I’m not trying to sound mean or anything, but you will know what I mean whenever you see a character upset or shouting. Their face contorts and heads into uncanny valley territory. 

There is so much more to talk about but I’d leave the rest to you, the reader. Inuyashiki is only 11 episodes long and is such a good anime. The climax was so satisfying and emotional, it brought tears to my eyes. If I were to rate Inuyashiki anything, It would either be a 9 or 9.5 out of 10. The show is amazing and is a must watch for any anime fan. Just keep in mind that some scenes will be hard to watch since Hiro goes on multiple massacres.