Botworld 10: The Battle Commences

The massive hoard rushed towards the group, sounding like a stampede of mechanical shrieking steer. Sebastian stood strong and waited for some to get closer while Leslie, Brunt, and the twins rushed into combat. Griffith simply stretched and waited idley. Once the bandits were in spitting distance, Griffith and Sebastian jumped into action. 

Leslie grabbed the bandit nearest to her and threw it against the ground. She planted a foot on its chest and tore off it’s left arm, which contained a 9mm pistol in its grasp. Leslie used it to finish off the grounded droid before firing into the crowd. She fired until the gun ran out of ammo, which was fairly quick. She took out only 3 droids and damaged 2 others. She took the “dead” droid from beneath her and began to use it as a shield to block bullets, lasers, and a stray sword slash here and there. She threw the droid into two sword bearers before grabbing one of their arms and ripping it out of its socket. Metal, wires, and oil drenched the ground as Leslie tore a sword from the detached appendage. 6 droids bum rushed her, trying to overwhelm her. Leslie took her blade and drove it through the forehead of the one nearest to her. It stumbled back and force while it’s voice box spat out random jargon that didn’t make sense. The “dying” droid stumbled into 2 of its allies causing them to get knocked down. Leslie took this as an opportunity to “smelt 3 droids with one furnace”, and jammed her fist into the chest of the droid she stabbed causing it to spasm. She jumped back a few feet and the grounded droids tried to get up. They knew what was to come and tried to escape, but it was too late. The spasming droid caused a minor explosion destroying all 3 of them. The other 3 droids stared at the charred remains of their allies. Leslie charged at them which prompted the droids to runaway fearful for their lives. 

As Leslie chased the 3 droids, Beta and Alpha were fighting a group of their own. They were circle by 15 droid, who kept a wide berth from the twins. The two stood back to back, both in their own fighting stance. Beta was in some stance that looked straight out of one of those japanese cartoons. His one arm was at his abdomen while the other was raised slightly in front of him, hands forming claws. His stance was wide, but not too wide so that he wouldn’t be knocked down easily.  Alpha’s battle stance looked very similar to Beta’s but had slight variations. Her left hand was closed near her abdomen while her other hand was want in front of her face, open palm. The twins pulled their stances in tighter as the hoard closed in. One of the droids roared out which prompted the circling droids to rush at Beta and Alpha. Alpha roundhouse kicked one that neared, while Beta attacked one with a flurry of palm strikes. The roundhouse kicked droid tumbled into a handful of its allies causing them to tumble down like bowling pins. The droid who was palm struck was knocked back a bit but quickly recovered and grabbed Beta’s neck. Alpha kicked the droid in the side of the head, causing the droid to spiral away. Beta went to fight more droids, but they overwhelmed him with ease. About 5 of the bandits pinned him down while Alpha was busy handling her own set of baddies. Alpha saw that her brother was in trouble and went to help him, but ended up getting pinned down by about 6 bandits. 

As all hope seemed lost for the twins, Brunt came in to save them. For the past few minutes, droids have been avoiding a fight with Brunt based on his sheer size alone. So you could imagine the look of fear on the dogpiling bandits faces when they saw Brunt sprint in their direction. They all got off the twins, but that didn’t stop Brunt. He went towards one and swung at overhand using his right arm. He hit the droid so hard that it’s head ended up getting crushed and embedded into it’s torso. The droid grabbed at the empty air where it’s head once was and stumbled around before falling to the ground. The remaining 10 droids began to scramble and tried to get away from the goliath who just demolished their ally in one hit. Brunt went to help his friends up before he turned towards the escaping brigand’s and chased them. 

Mordred and the triplets were still running from bandits while all this was going on. As they were running, Mordred noticed an abandoned sword near one of droids Brunt had crushed into a pancake like disc. He ran towards the sword and dove at it. He grabbed it and rolled into a low fighting stance; his legs bent so that he body was near the ground and his back was hunched over giving him the appearance of a predator ready to pounce on its prey. He leaped at a droid chasing Susie and sliced upward causing its arm to fly off. The droid shrieked before lunging at Mordred. Mordred easily dodged out of the way and drove the sword through the back of the droid and swinging upwards, tearing the droid in half. The bandits chasing the triplets stopped in their tracks at the sound of their fallen ally. They turned to Mordred before leaping at him, daggers in their hands. Mordred, having the range advantage of a sword vs a dagger, swung at the nearest with all of his might causing it’s head to cleave in half. He then swung at the next one, and the next one, until there was nothing left of those chasing him except piles of scrap metal. Susie and Chuckie cheered him on while Jekish grunted and rolled his eyes. 

Sebastian nearly got knocked into the triplets, having been thrown from his tussle with Galahad. Not having a weapon on him, Sebastian took to a stray pipe on the ground to protect himself. It proved useful against many of the grunts but a swing from Galahad’s greatsword sliced the pipe clean in half, leaving Sebastian defenseless. He grabbed the closest grunt and used it as a shield before he equipped the now fallen droid’s weapon, which happened to be a shield and dagger pair. Galahad went to swing at Sebastian again, but was greeted with shield to the face. The bash to the dome caused the brigand to stumble backwards. By the time he regained his sense, Sebastian had driven his dagger into Galahad’s left arm and drove it upwards, slicing through wires and metal. Galahad roared out in anger, having lost the use of his left arm. He swung the the greatsword wildly with one arm like a mad man, his left arm moving now and again like a limp noodle. His sloppy sword play allowed Sebastian to gain the upper hand. He got bashed again with the shield before getting stabbed multiple times in the chest area. Having not hit any vital mechanisms, this only angered Galahad even more. He threw the blade aside and rushed at Sebastian. Sebastian muttered an “Oh Crap” before trying to use the shield to block against the charge. This was detrimental however, for Sebastian then had the weight of the shield as well as Galahad on top of him. 

Galahad let out a laugh before exclaiming, “Any last words before I crush you Like tin foil?” 

Sebastian grunted before he let out a slight laugh. “Yes actually. Leslie! Super Ultra Hyper Dynamic Mega Max Drop Kick Deluxe!” Galahad gave a confused grunt before he heard the thumping of someone running towards him. When he turned his head to see who was running towards him, it was too late. Leslie had rushed towards him, leaped into the air, and performed a spinning drop kick to his head. Galahad was sent tumbling away by the time Leslie landed. 

“Geez. These guys are crazier than before! Where’s Tedbert at!? He would have kicked most of these guys’ butt’s by now!” The tone in Leslie’s voice was that of an annoyed person who was pushed way too far. 

Sebastian stood up and looked around before stopping on a circle of bandits. “I assume he’s at the center of that group over there.” Leslie turned her gaze to the same exact group and saw Tedbert laying face down on the ground while the hoard around him kicked him and punched him. 

“What are they doing to him?! Sebastian we have to help him!” 

“Actually Tedbert is quite fine. Though this isn’t an opportune time for control of the body to change.” 

“What in the world are you talking about? We have to help him! He could get destroyed!” 

“Oh he’s fine. Even if they do any damage to him, it’s going to be so menial that he could self repair with ease.” Not long after he said this, Bors neared with his battle axe. Leslie’s face went from semi-hopeful, to that of pure dread upon seeing the axe.

“Well do you think this self repair thing ,by the way you’re explaining that later too, can protect against that!?”

“Probably… not. We should go help!” The went to rush over once they saw Bors raise the axe.

Out of nowhere, an unfamiliar voice screamed out , “Bors!” with as much fury as a voice could have. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to see a lone figure, standing by themself. At their feet were a handful of decimated droids. “I’ve come to kill you!”