The Guardian’s Potential P9

A New Beginning?

The week after Christmas, Garrett sat at a large round wood table in an almost empty coffee shop. At the table was Leo and Jason. Leo laughed as one of his clones shoved ice down Jason’s shirt. As he bucked and flailed his arms in an attempt to get the ice out he knocked over a cup of coffee that placed in front of Garrett. Garrett shot up as the hot coffee burned him through his tan sweater. “Seriously, dude?! I Just got this!” Garrett’s voice crackled through the coffee shop.

Once the tension left them and they all relaxed again in their seats the three young men all burst out in laughter. When their laughter finally died down Jason’s eyes flicked into a blue glow as a small portal opened in front of his hand, he reached through and pulled out a small bag full of chips. “I’m sorry about your sweater Garrett, but getting back to what we were discussing. I was playing a game-” 

Leo cut him off “Your fantasy game again? Bro, I love games just as much as the next nerd, but you talk about them way too much.” Garrott chuckled as he shuffled a deck of cards in his hands. He dealt out cards to all three of them as they began to play Go Fish. The game started slow as the three made more and more jokes. Aggravating several people in the coffee shop. “You know, kids these days limit their own potentials playing all these stupid games and those weird dances they do. Back when we were young, our days were built around training and enhancing our powers. They’ll never understand the pain that we were forced to endure and will never become true men in their own rights. All they will ever be in their lives are jesters.” Spoke an older man to his colleague while motioning towards the three young men in the back corner of the shop.

A moment after the man spoke the entire shop went silent for when the man looked over. The three were missing. He looked back towards his friend and was staring into what seemed to be an oval window to a snowy mountain. Leo and Jason pulled up seats next to the man and sat down. “If you have something to say, speak your mind. If not, then don’t talk about what others can and can’t do.” Leo’s voice had a serious undertone to it. 

The man’s eyes turned to a faded blue as his skin became a metallic gray. In a single movement he picked up Jason and used him as a bowling ball to fling Leo against the far wall. The two were dazed and confused at the sudden transformation. The older man began slowly walking towards the two young men, cracking his knuckles as his pale aura encompassed his body. With the aura touching his body, his skin appeared metallic, but he moved perfectly normal.

“You see, every ability is strong when in the right environment, but when the ability is put into an unfavorable environment, it becomes weak” said the recovered Leo with a large grin on his face. He charged the metal man but instead of colliding with him, Leo slid between the spread legs of the metal man. And when the metal man turned, flames spewed across the face of the man. In a rage he began punching towards the source of the fire.

“YOU INSIGNIFICANT BUG, I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” screeched the voice of the man as he took a few steps back. He rubbed his eyes to attempt to see clearly. When he opened his eyes he saw Garrett standing with white blazing fire in his hands. Garrett began flinging balls of white flames as the man tried blocking the flames with any object around him. 

The man then noticed the half awake Jason and threw him at Garrett who was now encompassed in his flaming orange aura. Yet in mid air, Jason’s reacted to flying by letting his aura surround him as well. Jason slammed against Garrett’s stomach which forced him to fall backwards against the recovering Leo. When this happened, all of their aura’s began to entangle themselves with each other. And the fireballs multiplied from one in each of Garrett’s hands into ten in total. 

The ten were then launched towards the man but they all disappeared halfway and then reappeared surrounding him on all sides. The intense flames began melting off most of the metal from the man. Garrett realized that he could get in trouble if the man got severely harmed so Garrett rushed over at top speed and began to absorb the heat. Trying his best to cool the metal before it did lasting damage. The metal man stared at the youngmen in utter shock and horror. The older man got up and ran out of the coffee shop without even looking back. 

Garrett looked down at his hands, shocked at the powerful ability that he had just been able to use. He looked back towards his two friends who shared his look of disbelief. They packed up the few things they had brought with them and began running away. The air was cold from the winter season, the sky was getting dark. The three ended up sitting under a tree that stood in the nearby park. Garrett kept attempting to create more then one fireball in his hands but every time the flame couldn’t sustain themselves for even a few seconds. 

“Garrett, I’m not sure that whatever happened back there was your ability” Leo said, staring at the far-off stars that were shined above. Garrett stopped trying and looked over to his friend. “I think the reason your fireball multiplied into so many was because of my own ability, clone. Bet I think the reason they all teleported was because of Jason’s portal ability, too. I think that our aura’s all connecting the way they did… It combined each of our powers into one devastating attack…” Leo’s voice trailed off.