Gene Modification

Gene modification is seriously one of the coolest and most interesting things in our world to date. We are learning how to change our own genetic code. By discovering what is in the human genome and learning how to change these attributes, we could change our genetic code so that we could force the evolutionary process in our favor, or even changing the natural world to our favor. Imagine being able to obtain the muscle mass of a bear with thicker skin and enhanced eyesight. We could give our race one of the most impressive advantages in the natural world.

In the DC Universe, they had a robot named Amazo that could take on the amazing attributes of the other characters. adding them to his own arsenal to the point where the robot practically became a god. The idea of obtaining the abilities of other animals has been popular in fiction for quite a while. With the help of science and the human genome, that may become a reality.

The possibilities are entirely endless. We could resurrect the DINOSAURS! Wait… we’re almost there actually. Using a chicken and splicing it’s genes we’ve already given them the legs and teeth of a raptor. Their wings would only need a few modifications since all of the joints that are in the claws are still there. There are very few things left in our way to reviving these powerhouses and maybe even making them our pets.

But, research is stunted because there isn’t much funding, and in some cases people don’t like the idea of us going against whoever created us. So, the work will be slow and tedious, but sooner or later we can learn how to fix the mistakes of our ancestors.