Alexis Hare- Future Engineer!


For this week’s Where are they Now? we have a 2016 alumni, Alexis Hare. When attending Audubon, Lex was second in her class, and involved in many activities such as being president of student council, as well as showing interest in math and science. She was also part of every STEM related elective class that Audubon offered. It was sure that she was set for success in her future. Continue reading to find out what Alexis has achieved since graduation.

Jordan: Hey Lex, thanks again for doing this interview.

Lex: No problem!

Jordan: So what have you been up to since graduating from Audubon?

Lex: I attend George Washington University in DC for Mechanical Engineering. I also have had a few internships throughout the past few summers.

Jordan: That’s really cool, I bet it’s very different from high school.

Lex: Yeah it is. My school is extremely politically active and I am just a few blocks from the White House. Living on my own in a new city has been unfamiliar. My freshman year I could hear the Women’s March through my dorm window and I was able to attend the Presidential Inauguration which was something that I did not except coming from a small town.

Jordan: Those seem like awesome experiences. Have you traveled outside of Washington?

Lex: Yes, I studied abroad in Ireland for a semester. I got to travel to Italy, Greece, Amsterdam, Belgium and all over Ireland.

Jordan: That’s really interesting, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and Greece. Do you have any interesting stories?

Lex: In Ireland I had no assigned homework throughout the whole semester, and for one class my midterm was optional! There were nearly no tests throughout the semester, but the final was worth almost all of your grade and it was taken in a sports stadium with like 1,000 other people.

Jordan: That must have been really fun learning and experiencing how students learn in other countries. How about the culture of these areas?

Lex: The country was beautiful, but it rained almost everyday. While I was there they got 3 inches of snow and the whole country shut down because it was a “blizzard.” They closed down all the buses and all the grocery stores had no food. They told us not to go outside for very long because we could get frostbite. Most people there had never seen snow.

Jordan: That’s funny how different countries react to things that seem like the norm for us. So what made you decide to go for Mechanical Engineering?

Lex: I chose Mechanical Engineering because I love math and science, and I enjoy problem solving. I took AP Chem as a Junior and realized that I enjoyed Chemistry more than I expected. I liked having a lot of responsibilities in the lab getting to the point where I was doing experiments to prove something that I learned in the classroom. I also went to coding camp one summer and learned Python. Coding was something that seemed like black magic to me before college, but when I went to that camp and took STEM as a Junior, I realized how useful it was. In these advanced topics I was exposed to Organic Chemistry, Circuit Theory, and electricity. After each of those classes I knew I wanted to go into engineering.

Jordan: It’s great hearing the process of how your decision was made, I think it’s important for high schoolers to take more classes they are interested in so that they can enter more advanced programs outside of school. It seems like your science and math classes must have been nice memories from high school, do you have any other favorite memories?

Lex: My favorite memory from high school was going to France with the French club during the summer before my Junior year. It was my first time going abroad and I loved France, especially the crepes by Notre Dame. I have so many teachers I can thank for putting the time into helping me work to be my best self. Mr. Marino and Mr. Latham were some of my favorite teachers who helped prepare me for college and who were extremely supportive. As a woman going into engineering, a lot of times we get pushed out of the math and science community but I felt like in Audubon I had very supportive teachers.

Jordan: It sounds like Audubon really helped put you on the right track for what you want to accomplish in the future. Do you have anything you wish you knew in high school?

Lex: I wish I knew in high school how big the world was and how there are opportunities for everyone as long as you leave your comfort zone. Spending 3 years in DC introduced me to so many people who have come from so many different backgrounds. You learn something from meeting new people that you could never learn in a classroom or by staying in one place. Every person you meet has a story and has something to teach you.

Jordan: I agree, I feel like many students at Audubon don’t realize that there is more outside of high school and there is more to life than this small town we just have to reach out and search for it. Thank you for this insightful interview, it was great catching up with you.

Lex: Of course Jor!