Volcano in the Philippines Erupts, Citizens Flee

Early on Monday morning, a volcano, called the Taal volcano, erupted near Manilla, the capital of the Philippines. Thousands of people fled the area, and thousands more are expected to evacuate as conditions worsen.

The ash from the volcano was traveling up to 62 miles north of the site of the disaster, near the capital, forcing the airport to shut down. Nearly 500 flights were canceled.

30,000 villagers near the province of Batangas have fled their homes, but some were unable due to poor visibility because of the ash clouds. The government has raised the danger level of the Taal volcano to a level four, and is expected to rise to a level five, the worst it can get, in coming days.

As of Wednesday, there have been no reports of any deaths, but many villages near the eruption have been completely destroyed. Areas around Taal were claimed as dangerous and unfit to live by the government in the 1960’s, but was never enforced. Poverty and desperation has led people to live on the dangerous island, even after the 1965 eruption that killed 200 people.

Now, villagers who evacuated on Monday have nowhere to go, but are expected to resettle after the Taal calms down, despite the government warning against it.

Destruction of Taal (via Business Insider)