Jen Guerrero


Jen Guerrero is a Junior at Audubon High School. She loves playing field hockey and enjoys watching basketball games. In her free time, Jen likes to listen to music and hanging out with her friends and family. She looks up to her dad, because he is an amazing role model to her because he always thinks positive. He is also a hardworking person and hopes to be just like him when she is older. What makes Jen unique is that she is an optimistic person who loves to treat others with kindness no matter what. She also attempts to always think positive and tries her best to not let others see her in her bad moments. One country she would like to travel to when she’s older is Spain. Her goal is to attend Stockton University to become a Neonatal Nurse. She’s most excited to graduate and begin her path to success in life as an adult. Jen’s advice to others:

Always set goals and give it a hundred and ten percent effort into succeeding them and always think on the bright side.”

— Jen