Hungry animals in Australia fed from the skies

“Operation Rock Wallaby,” an initiative constructed by the New South Wales government. Their objective is to feed as much wildlife left from the fires. Matt Kean, the Minister of Energy and Environment says they’ve reported dropping over 2,000 pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes across different locales, suspected to inhabit remaining wallabies. The rock wallaby, is classified as a marsupial like their famous brother the kangaroo – the wallaby lives typically in rocky areas with outcrops and cliffs of granite. Due to their habitat, the wallabies will survive the initial fire, but not the effects the fire will have on its environment and ecosystem. Where will wallabies find food? This specie is particularly lucky, considering half a billion animals have been impacted by the fire season and a couple million reported dead. The New South Wales government plans to continue feeding the wallabies and other animals, they also plan to eventually fully restore these animals habitats.