Venice is Drowning and it Could be Because of Climate Change

Luca Bruno

Venice has been going through some of it’s weirdest tides in its history. Throughout the month of November, the streets of Venice were flooded up to people’s ankles. CNN has even been quoted saying that “squares became swimming pools”. This was the worst flood that Venice has had in years, resulting in low tourist counts. As if that wasn’t bad enough, recently the canals have dried up so much that the gondolas are practically beached. This has many people perplexed and looking for answers. 

Some people feel they have found the answer to these weird occurrences: Climate change. Toto Bergamo Rossi, known as Venice’s unofficial mayor, feels that the major issue is climate change. He feels that global warming could be the cause of this and if nothing is done, Venice could be submerged and lost forever. So is it really because of climate change? Or is this something like the polar blast of 2019, where it is simply a strange occurrence that happens very rarely?


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