Update: Bobby Shmurda Still In Jail

Breaking News: Famous NYC-based rapper Ackquille Jean Pollard, better known as Bobby Shmurda, is still in jail as of today after being charged with conspiracy to murder, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment four years ago in 2016.

Bobby Shmurda, best known for his tracks “Hot Boy”, “Bobby Homie”, and “Worldwide Homeboy” was extremely influential in the underground rap scene in the early 2010s. Breaking through into mainstream recognition with the aforementioned “Hot Boy” single which released in 2014. Suddenly becoming a household name seemingly doomed the aspiring celebrity and “Schmoney dance” pioneer, as mere months after the release of the single, the rapper was arrested by New York Police. Bobby Shmurda might have been able to schmoney dance his cap off, but he was unable to schmoney dance his way out of the Bronx’s Supreme Court.

Bobby Shmurda, seen launching his cap into the air before performing the famed “Schmoney Dance”

Police confirmed today that Bobby is still serving time in his 7 year sentence for the three charges in protective custody at Clinton Correctional Facility. The rapper is expected to be released by 2020, certainly giving him a head start over the infamous rapper Tay-K as he serves his 55 year sentence for home invasion and murder, and Mr. Pollard has even managed to remain musically active in prison, featuring on 6ix9ine’s October 2018 single “STOOPID” via a prison phone and confirming he has plans to return to music once his sentence is served using lyrics written in the slammer.