Slay the Spire: A Mythical Blend of a Card-Game and a Roguelike.

Slay the Spire is a roguelike and deck-building game by Mega Crit Games and was initially released in 2017. Players are tasked with choosing from three characters with different abilities in order to climb to the top of the imposing spire. This game puts your skills to the test as you fight enemies, dodge curses and loot chests.
Each character that you can select is completely different in both design and playstyle. The Ironclad is a DPS focused character, having the most HP of the three and having the strongest attacks. The Silent is more of a mage or spell-caster type, her deck consisting mostly of defensive options because of her low HP compared to the other two. The Defect uses elemental Orbs as its main source of both attack and defense. These different playstyles help contribute to the games variety and replayability.
The combat in StS intense and fun, each level of the spire throwing new unique enemies in front of you. Some are simple, usually the first couple of enemies on the first level are simple bugs or slimes that shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with. As you climb further, the enemies in your path get tougher and you’ll need some skills and a bit of luck to get through in one piece. Each of the three levels is drastically different from the rest in both atmosphere and difficulty, each with their own species enemies and scenarios.
The RNG aspect of StS is interesting. Sometimes you get really good loot from a boss that almost wiped you out. Other times a run will get cut short be an elite enemy that wanted to deal 30 damage in one turn. Depending on what cards, relics and potions you have, you can either wipe the floor or get utterly swamped. It adds a sense of mystery, though sometimes it can feel cheap that you had such a great run and then died to a simple mob because the one before tanked your health.
Overall, I would highly recommend StS to anyone who likes turn-based combat, roguelikes and deck-building games. It is extremely fun and replayable if you enjoy those sort of games.