IGOR: Grammy Winner a Sad Day for the Music Industry

Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR wins him his first Grammy for… Get ready for this: Rap/Hip Hop. I’m not slandering Tyler nor am I criticizing his experimental album, but it’s honestly sad that this Grammy committee is allowed to pick the pool of nominees then select from the few they find “politically correct” to win this astonishing career accolade. This achievement will give the bearer of the accolade the acknowledgment and publicity needed to become a great artist.

The grammy committee finds a way to always pick the most whitewashed alternative artist from the group. I get the theme this year was being an edgy teenager, but can we pick an album that the rap community comes to a consensus to at the end of day. I think the Grammy should be boycotted until they give this award to an artist who deserves the recognition for their hard work. If we are being honest, “So Much Fun” from Young Thug was the best rap album of 2019 and that is an undisputed fact any intellectual who listens to this genre can agree about. We all know no one listened to the full album IGOR and could find it enjoyable, there was ONE song on the album that was easy to listen to yet it was carried by Playboi Carti mumbling about big body Rolls Royces and Woah Vicky… I rest my case; sheerly embarrassing.

Sorry Tyler, congrats on the grammy.