The Guardian’s Potential P10

Battle of Titans

Aaron and Vlad stood in an enormous, cubical, eggshell colored room. The two of them walked to opposite sides of the cube and activated their abilities. Along the sides of the walls was spaced out windows. Peering in was several teachers and Grace who all watched extremely carefully. The lighting dimmed down 

Vlad sprinted at Aaron with tremendous speed. Just before they made contact, Vlad pulled the shadows in an area together to create a lance in hand. Vlad and his lance crashed hard against a tough object. Vlad staggered backwards. In his hand was the splintered shadow lance. Vlad extended his hand forward toward what he hit. 

Aaron grasped Vlad by the wrist and slammed him into the wall of the room. The entire foundation of the arena trembled from the force. The lights began flickering between a light the burned the onlookers eyes to pitch black. In the brief moment in between the change, Aaron moved into the center of the arena and yelled out “Alright Vlad! No more holding back, show me your full power!”

The lights readjusted to a normal lighting. Showing a large dent in the wall of the arena. In front of the dent was Vlad. Instead of his usual blue aura, there was a purple, flaming aura surrounding him. From under his feet a dark void-like substance quickly engulfed most of the floor and walls. Vlad walked slowly towards the smiling, confident Aaron. Vlad’s body fell down into the voided floor, and shot back up, behind Aaron. 

Before Aaron could react, Vlad picked Aaron up and slammed him onto the ground. The dark floor transformed into a thick slime-like substance that began engulfing him. When the slime fully engulfed him, Vlad sat down on the spot where Aaron disappeared extremely exhausted. His breath was rigid and short. As he was about to say something, the blob of darkness that encased Aaron began glowing lime green. 

The glob then deflated and melted back to the ground and standing there was a lime green glowing Aaron. “Since you’re getting serious, lets see how you fair in a true battle” Aaron raised his hand slightly and Vlad began floating through the air. A shocked expression crossed Vlad’s face as Aaron flicked his wrist back down. Vlad crashed into the ground, several bones could be heard cracking through the pressure.

Aaron stepped back “oh shit, are you okay Vlad?” Aaron’s green aura receded as he reached forward and took a single step towards Vlad. But Vlad became encased in a darker purple aura. 6 Black spider-like legs jutted out of the back of Vlad’s aura lifting him off of the ground. Vlad  rammed himself forward towards Aaron, using these new limbs. Smashing into the stunned Aaron, pinning him to the wall. Two of the legs then reached up and impaled themselves through Aaron’s hands. 

Aaron wailed out in agony as his body was practically strung up like a poster on the wall. Vlad’s body shuttered and collapsed. The doors to the arena opened and several teachers ran to the two students. carrying them off and out of the room. When everyone was gone, A young scrawny man walked into the room. running his hand along the cracks in the walls. When he reached the impact point a black Aura flashed around him as green and purple energy flowed from the wall into the body of the boy. He then walked out of the arena, a grin could be seen on his face.