Future Occupational Therapist- Kaitlyn Amato

For this week’s Where are they now? we have 2016 graduate, and my big sister, Kaitlyn Amato. In high school, Kate was greatly involved in soccer, being on both travel and showcase teams outside of Audubon. As well as being apart of student council and many clubs Audubon had to offer. Kaitlyn was voted by her peers as class clown. Continue reading to see what Kaitlyn has been up to since graduating.

Jordan: Hey sis, so what have you been up too since high school?

Kate: I’ve been working, volunteering and continuing my undergraduate schooling.

Jordan: What college are you attending, and what are you majoring in?

Kate: I attend Stockton University, under health science with a concentration in Occupational Therapy and a minor in Childhood Studies and Disability studies.

Jordan: How is Stockton different than high school?

Kate: College is directed more towards your future and what you are passionate about, rather than just general education classes.

Jordan: I can see how college is more interesting by being able to focus on what you want to do in the future, rather than being forced to do subjects that you aren’t interested in. Was there anything in highschool that influenced you in going for health sciences?

Kate: Helping Mrs. Caltagirone in her Adaptive Physical Education class and health class inspired me to help people in a holistic sense. As well, when I worked as a rehab tech, seeing the impact the occupational therapist had on their patients, observing, and volunteering with different populations helped me realize I wanted to have the same impact on people.

Jordan: Seems like Mrs. Calta was one of your favorite teachers in high school! What is another favorite memory from high school?

Kate: Soccer is my favorite memory, both practices and games with my team were always fun.

Jordan: Sport seems to be a common favorite memory from these interviews! Finally, one last question, what is something you wish you knew while in high school, and what other advice do you have for students?

Kate: To try to involved in school as much as you can, join clubs, and build up your resume. For college, if you are looking for grad school look into it sooner rather than later, as well as always ask questions, and build relationships with your professors.

Jordan: Thats some great advice, thanks kate.

Kate: No problem Jor.