Seven Deadly Sin’s Manga Update

The Age of Chaos has begun

(Manga spoilers)

So, as you know, the anime is far behind where the manga is. After the defeat of the Demon King, we learned Merlin has a real reason for bringing together all of the Sins: The reason being that instead of siding with either leaders of the two most powerful races, she decided that she would follow the will of the parent of all races. The deity resembles the human race the most and is known as Chaos. In the beginning, Chaos was sealed away by the two gods of whom we’ve heard so much about already. The reason Merlin brought the Sins together in the first place was because the only way her master would be able to be released was the fall of one of the beings who imprisoned it.

Merlin, after explaining all of this to her friends, then summoned the body of Arthur and takes out the sword, Excalibur, that had “killed” him. In a flash, King Arthur is revived and shows off extreme powers that quite literally bend the world when he sees Meliodas. Yet Merlin quickly intervenes and restores him back to his original self. We then see the cat that had followed Arthur around for so long come from out of nowhere and at first it seems like it will be a heartfelt reunion. Yet then, the cat attempts to devour Arthur. Because of Meliodas’s intervention, though, it only bit off his arm.

The cat then transforms into a grotesque monster, showing us just how powerful even a piece of Arthur’s new abilities can be in the wrong hands. Arthur asks if the cat had ever cared for him at all. The cat responded that he only sees Arthur as is food. With that, Arthur no longer holds back, completely obliterating the monster with a single strike. Arthur collapsed afterwards and Merlin teleports the 5 remaining Sins away and picks up Arthur’s limp body and holds him close, protecting him from anything that may come. The end of the most recent handful of chapters left us all questioning what is going on with the story and where it is going.