Goblin Slayer is Getting a Movie! (And a Season 2?)

Goblin Slayer is an anime that takes place in a fantasy universe that is very reminiscent of Dungeon and Dragons. The characters are named after their classes or jobs (e.g. High Elf Archer, Priestess, Lizard Priest, Etc), and there is a central theme around dice and them representing certain events that happen. The series follows the character Goblin Slayer on his journey to slay as many goblins as possible, as to prevent people from experiencing what he did as a child. 

It was liked by many anime fans despite the show being dark and pessimistic in nature. As the season progressed, fans became more and more hyped. Once the first season ended, the fans thirsted for more. Rumors began to spread about a season 2 being in production. Many of these were without evidence, and left people thinking that the Goblin Slayer anime was finished. 

Then, as the hype started to slow down, word came out about a Goblin Slayer movie in production. The movie titled Goblin Slayer: Goblin Crown, is stationed to release some time this year. Though it was said to premier on February 1, some sources are saying that the movie has been delayed for whatever reason. This movie, as well as a season 2, are still said to release sometime in 2020. All that we know about the movie is that it will feature the original voice actors from the show, and that season 2 will take place after the movie. The season 2 information isn’t anything solid and is widely to be considered a rumor.



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