Devil May Cry 5 is Smokin’ and Sexy in Style!

Spoiler alert!


The game for this week’s review has been one of my recent addictions. Simply turning the game on makes me want to spend hours on end playing it. I’ve been hyped for this game ever since its announcement, and now that I have it, I can say it’s probably one of the best Devil May Cry games yet. 

Nero fighting Urizen in the prologue of the game.

The story takes place over the course of a few months and operates in a mission format, with some missions taking you backwards to inform the player on what certain characters were doing. The story revolves around Dante (a son of a demon who runs the Devil May Cry demon hunting business) Nero (Dante’s nephew who also works at the business), and V (a mysterious newcomer) trying to stop an unknown demon named Urizen. Urizen’s plan is to collect human blood to feed a tree called the Qliphoth, which bears fruit that could make a demon the king of the Underworld. That’s all I’m going to say because the story is amazing and had me hooked. And even if you didn’t play the previous entries, there is a video on the game that fills you in and gives back story before you start so you that you can understand and enjoy the story. 

Tomboy, one of the Devil Bringers, supercharges Red Queen and Blue Rose.

The game plays phenomenally. It’s a hack n’ slash, which is one of my favorite types of games. All three characters play differently and have extremely unique play styles. Nero is the first you play as, and is the weakest at the start of the game. He has three weapons named the Red Queen, Blue Rose, and the Devil Breaker. The Red Queen is a sword that revs up like a motorcycle. At the start of the game you have only two combos at your disposal and the rev up feature isn’t that useful, but as time goes on it becomes better to use. Blue Rose is Nero’s gun and can be charged up. Much like Red Queen, Blue Rose starts off pretty weak at the start but gets better as the game goes on. Finally for Nero, is his Devil Bringer. The Devil Bringer is a robotic arm that Nero has which gives him multiple abilities. As the game progresses, more Devil Bringers are unlocked and each one is unique with their own abilities. The only downside is that when the player locks onto the opponent, the Devil Bringer uses a grappling hook instead of the arm’s ability. There are so many more abilities that Nero gets later on, but because of spoilers I cannot share them.  

V pictured with Griffon, one of his familiars.

Next on the character roster is V. V is the most unique gameplay wise, because instead of attacking enemies himself, he summons demons to attack in his stead. V’s demons are Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare. Griffon is a wisecracking demon bird and operates as V’s ranged attack. He uses all kinds of lightning attacks and even rushes at opponents. Griffon is the hardest thing to use in this game. Sometimes he reads my inputs wrong, while other times he just does too little damage. The next familiar is one named Shadow, a panther demon with the personality of an attack dog. Shadow operates as V’s melee attack and is probably the most fun to use. He juggles enemies and gets enemies into massive combos. The only issue with both of these demons is that they take damage, and when they take too much they go into a spherical form and must recharge in order to get back into battle. The wait time can be negated if you have some of your Devil Trigger gauge filled. The Devil Trigger gauge allows V to summon Nightmare. Nightmare is a massive demon made of liquid demon energy who usually enters via portal or firey explosion. Nightmare auto attacks enemies and his summoning brings back the other two if they happen to be KO’d. V also has another feature exclusive to him: Once an enemy’s health is brought down, V has to strike them with his cane to finish them off. The finishers are really cool and each enemy has multiple finishers. 

Dante using Cavaliere to take out a hoard of enemies.

The last playable character is Dante. Dante is the best character to play as and has the most variety. The player starts off with 2 melee weapons and 2 guns and gains more as the story progresses. The first 2 melee weapons are a sword and a thing called Balrog. Balrog is a set of gauntlets and grieves that give Dante martial arts abilities. The other two weapons are Cavaliere and King Cerberus. Cavaliere is a motorcycle that splits into two blades that can be swung around to hit massive hordes of enemies, while King Cerberus is a nunchuck that can turn into a bo staff with the elements of fire, ice, and lightning. It is easy to transition between weapons and use them in combos. They are also really fun to use and I found myself using each frequently. The only one I didn’t use much was Cavaliere because it’s too slow and cumbersome to take on large groups of enemies. The first two ranged weapons are nothing special. The first is a pair of pistols named Ebony and Ivory. They are Dante’s iconic dual pistols that he’s had throughout the series. The second ranged weapon is a shotgun named Coyote-A. It’s nothing special, but it does cause enemies to stagger a fair bit. Dante’s next ranged weapon is the Kalina Ann, a rocket launcher that does massive damage and has pretty good knock back. There are 2 more ranged weapons, but I don’t want to bring them up because of spoilers.

Dante also has four battle styles: Gunslinger, Royal Guard, Trickster, and Swordsman. Gunslinger allows for the ranged weapons to be powered up as well as giving them new special attacks (e.g. Kalina Ann fires multiple rockets that do extra damage and track enemies). Some of the ranged special attacks feel a little useless and are just a waste of time. Swordsman is the same thing as Gunslinger except for melee weapons. Each melee weapon’s special attack is fun to use and they combo into each other really well. Next up is Trickster, which operates as an alternative dodge button and actually comes in good handy from time to time. The last ability is Royal Guard, which is probably the most useless ability in game. It’s supposed to operate as a block and absorb the impact from enemy attacks. Once you get enough energy stored, you can use it against the enemies. The only issue is that the block itself can last for a second or less, meaning you need to be ready to block at all times, and enemies have a bad habit of backing away and giving you space when you want to punish them. Also, sometimes the Royal Guard won’t block an attack, but will block the same attack a minute later. It doesn’t really do that much damage either unless fully charged, so there is no real reason to mess with it. 

The city in DMC 5 with the Qliphoth

Next is the game’s design and writing. From scenery to characters to weapons, everything looks fantastic. A majority of the characters look realistic and feel like cartoon characters come to life (in terms of their attitudes). Some lines do come off as cringy, and every once in a while Trish, an assistant of Dante’s, gets a bad case of goblin face, but those instances are rare and few. The monster designs get more intricate and creative as the game progresses. Starting out with insects things and progressing to fat goat beings with multiple mouths that float around. This is not including the bosses who also range in design as well as attack style. The scenery is very reminiscent of England if someone decided to let a massive hell tree grow in the center of it. The city areas are nice to look at while the inside of the Qliphoth are super interesting and gross at the same time. 

The music is hit or miss. I personally love it but I know people who won’t bat an eye at it. It’s a mix between punk, rock, and screamo. Each character each has their own theme song with Nero’s being rock based, V’s being punk, and Dante’s being screamo. If you don’t like V or Dante’s song, you will most likely like Nero’s since that one isn’t niche-y. 

There is so much to talk about for Devil May Cry 5 but I don’t want to make this the length of a thesis essay. The game has a ton of high points and only a handful of lows. It’s honestly one of my favorite games that I own and I recommend it to any action fan. I would rate it a 8.5 or 9 out of 10. The only things that hold it back are a handful of questionable abilities, the niche song choices, and some odd motion-capture bugs.