Let’s talk: Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras?

Let's talk: Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like there is an obvious answer to this one. Before I get into the topic at hand, I have to state a few things first (Some might be pretty obvious to you, but bear with me). Police officers are regular people just like the rest of us; they have their own opinions, political views, morals, values, feelings–you get the picture. They’re people. And as a society, I think we sometimes tend to forget that. From my own experience, I have never met a bad cop. And when I say bad, I mean the false picture that has been painted on them in recent years (granted I’ve had very few instances of interacting with police officers in my 18 years of living). This picture has been imposed on them because of a mere few out of thousands and thousands of employed police officers in the United States who abuse their power. Not to get off topic, but would you undermine an entire profession because of a small percentage who don’t do their job correctly? Now, please do not get me wrong; I know it’s different in this case because lives are at stake and not just a business, but the main point here is that only a very very small percentage of police officers are those who abuse their power and/or do harm to civilians. 

As for the actual topic that you came to this article for, 89% of the United States population thinks that police officers should wear body cameras. Honestly, I agree. It will not only protect us, the civilians, but also the police officers themselves if they are ever accused of unjustifiably harming a civilian or have bad behavior in general. Speaking of bad behavior, it might promote better decisions out of the small small small percentage who abuse their power. But how we would we pay for all of these cameras? Taxes, of course. Cato Institute performed a survey and 59% of Democrats and 52% of Independents said they would pay these higher taxes; however, without surprise, 62% of Republicans said they would not. 

In essence, it’s a big gray area. There’s a LOT that has to go into this change, and at the end of the day if it promotes candor at a low level in our local governments then maybe, just maybe, the truth will come out of our corrupt federal government. Just a thought. I don’t think something so small could change so much, but you never know. Baby steps first.