2020 Should Be A Good Year For Thrash Metal

2019 was very much a dull year for thrash metal – Slayer disbanded, James Hetfield entered rehab, Dave Mustaine was diagnosed with throat cancer, and in general, most releases were by underground, regional bands. With what seemed to be a massive lull in the scene, many have been worried that thrash metal might finally be on the way out for good.

However, 2020 is ramping up to be a good year for thrash and thrash fans everywhere. Today I want to simply list off what fans of the genre have to look forward too, and what musical developments are and will take place within the next months.

  • With Slayer disbanded, guitarist Gary Holt is free to return to his own band, Exodus. The band plans to release an album this year, their first since 2014’s Blood In, Blood Out.
  • James Hetfield has returned from rehab looking and sounding healthier than ever. Metallica plans to play multiple tour dates and large festivals over the year, and is continuing to work on their 11th studio album.
  • Dave Mustaine has been cleared as “100% cancer free” by his doctors, and has resumed not only touring on support duties with Five Finger Death Punch in Europe with his band Megadeth, but has begun final work on Megadeth’s new album which was supposed to release in 2019. This new album is expected to be released before the year’s end.
  • Anthrax, continuing on the work of 2011’s Worship Music and 2016’s For All Kings, plans on fully recording their album this year, with most of the album’s riffs already having been written during the writing process of For All Kings according to guitarist Scott Ian.
  • Hirax has confirmed that they are working on new material, potentially for an album release within the near future.
  • Brazilian thrash legends Sepultura will be releasing their newest album, Quadra, on February 7th.
  • Dark Angel intends to release a new album before the end of 2020.
  • Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel are undertaking a massive European tour known as The Bay Strikes Back tour. Testament is touring to promote their upcoming album, Titans of Creation.