Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey DLC Review

So, here we are again with one of my personal favorite games of all times. Throughout my playing the game, I had fun being a mercenary and becoming the best in the league. I revelled in the glory of naval warfare that I mastered over my time in the game, becoming the best version of myself. Yet one of the most interesting parts of the game that I found, was the DLC’s themselves.

I’ll start off with The Fate of Atlantis. This questline has practically another game’s worth of content. While going through the quests, I gained access to several other entire worlds including Hades, Atlantis itself, and the Elysium. You get to fight the Gods themselves, in which each battle is a serious challenge with their own problems. You are even able to customize your abilities by finding knowledge points around the world, evolving your abilities to a brand new level.

There are even boss fights in the very beginning of the questline where you get to fight the true Minotaur (Not the fake human one you fight in the idiotic questline). You fight one of the three gorgons of legend. (P.S: Don’t look into her eyes. You might be petrified by her looks.) But if you do get the chance to get this DLC to the game, you will have a blast.

Finally there is The Legacy of the First Blade DLC which gives the player the chance to live a true life away from war. The main character of the game even gains a child to take care of over the course of the portion of the game. Yet, as you’d imagine nothing lasts forever, especially since by then you’re already quite the powerful mercenary. It also allows us to see the connection to the future of the franchise at the very end of the DLC.