An Apartment in India Gets Alcohol in Its Pipes Instead of Water


Earlier this month, in the Indian town of Chalakudy, all the faucets of an apartment complex poured alcohol instead of water. This perplexed the residents and hindered their daily lives. Children had to stay home from school, and adults couldn’t go to work because they didn’t have access to water. How could something like this possibly happen?

Six years ago, authorities had to seize alcohol from a bar under court order. To dispose of over 1,500 gallons of alcohol, they dumped it into a pit near the bar. What they didn’t realize was that the pit leaked into the local well, contaminating the main source of water for a fair amount of people. As of now, the well has been cleaned over eight times, and authorities fear that it could take over a month to clear out the alcohol. The residents filed complaints to the local health department, and hope the local government would hold accountable the authorities who dumped the alcohol.


USA Today