The Harley Quinn Movie Review

The Harley Quinn movie, or as it was called when it came out, Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, was quite frankly one of the biggest disappointments to come out of bringing together a team of people. Yes, even comparing it to The Justice League movie, which was so inconsistent and full of bad dialogue and CGI that it flopped hard. The reason why I say this is because at least in the Justice League, all of the characters’ abilities were used, given more depth, and felt more human than the main characters in Birds of Prey.

I understand the need to establish each of the characters and have them connect to Harley Quinn, yet the way it was done felt awkward and their dynamic never actually flowed. They attempted to have each character go through a character arc to become better. For example the cop became a rogue. The Canary accepted herself and her powers. Then the Huntress… well, she accepted people into her life? Yet that doesn’t make sense because her entire motivation was that she wanted to kill the people who wronged her family.

Then there’s Harley, which they kinda got right because she is taking care of herself and not relying on others anymore. Not even using her name to do the things she wants to. Yet this only comes because 90% of the movie is all about her with sprinklings of the other characters spread throughout. Then, there is the awkwardness that I’d have to guess they thought was funny regarding the Huntress’ dialogue and how she spoke. There was no real passion or anything. It seemed like she was just reading her lines off of a telemonitor.