Botworld 11: A Mysterious Interloper

The figure had the body type of a fairly built male in his early twenties. They were donned in a grey trench coat, olive cargo pants, and military style combat boots. They had what seemed to be gloves with glowing green lights on the top of the hand. Their head was nearly smooth. It is one piece of gray, aged metal that stretches from their chin area to just above the back of their neck. Their eyes were basic optical lenses, with shutters that operate as eyelids and eyebrows. The shutters could narrow, slant, and even zoom in to emulate emotion. Next to the being was a sword, embedded in the ground, that reached from their feet to their shoulders. 

Bors stepped away from the incapacitated Tedbert and roared out “May I ask who you are? Before I and my bandits rip you limb from limb.” Bors’s men cried out in acceptance of the promise of violence. 

The mysterious android bellowed, “I am Derik! You’re leader took something precious from, and now I will take out what’s precious to him. Starting with you!” Bors looked over the android and let out a hearty laugh.

“First off, what leader? The last time someone bossed me around was over a decade ago. Back when Percival was part of our party. Second, do you honestly believe that you can beat me? I have more combat experience in my left toe than you do in all of your body, boy. You probably can’t even properly wield that blade you have! Even if you could, it’s far too large and impractical! If you truly think you can take me…” Bors stepped closer to Derik before readying his axe. “Then come at me, kid!” As Bors said this, Derik rushed towards Bors and began to swing his sword down up on Bors. The first swing was blocked and Bors smirked, expecting there to be an opening after such a strike. His smirk quickly faded when he noticed that Derik quickly went into another overhead strike. Derik began to barrage Bors with a series of strikes that caused him to stagger. “The hell! How is a  pipsqueak like you able to stand up to someone like me!” 

Sebastian stared at the spectacle with some amusement. “Hmm, Interesting.” Leslie gave a perplexed look and opened her mouth to say something. Before she could speak, Sebastian responded,“Galahad was one of the strongest droid’s during the war with the humans. He served Arthur before… well you know. And seeing someone get the best of him surprises me.” 

Bors growled out,“ Just give me an opening!” When Derik pulled back to swing again, Bors took the chance to swing his axe. Derik then swung his blade down, his sword intercepting the axe with to much strength that it became embedded within the blade of the axe. The two separated their blades, and Bors tried to quickly swing before Derik could prepare himself. Derik, not having time to block with his sword, lifted his left hand. The green light on the front gave off a vibrant glow before a spherical disk of energy covered the end of his hand to his elbow. Everyone stared in astonishment as Bors’s axe shattered against the energy field. Bors stood there, mouth agape. “Impossible… only… They can use one of those…” Taking advantage of his stunned state Derik slashed at Bors’s legs, crippling him.

Derik stoop over the fallen knight and narrowed his eyes at him. “Tell me where Percival is, or I will find out through your memory data.”

Bors grinned maniacally and laughed. “I guess its off with my head!” 

Derik let out a chuckle. “I hoped you’d say that.” He pulled out a large needle like device that was the thickness of a television remote. It was sleek and metallic, with a wired that led to somewhere on his person. He jammed the needle into Bors’s left eye. Bors convulsed for a second before going still. Everybody stared in awe. Derik held his head and mumbled, “Shit… Not again.” He fell face first and blacked out, resting on top of the now “dead” shell of Bors. His body shifted and he heard voices, yet they were far away. Shouts, crashes, bangs. All sounded very distant, though he knew that something was going on around him. Soon all went silent. The last thing he heard was, “Oh my god, he’s a…” before all systems shut down.