Sarah Parr, Track Star!


At the beginning of this month, Sarah Parr competed at the “Pole Vault Only” meet in Pennsylvania. While participating she was able to not only break her record once, but TWICE! At first, Parr hit a 10’8’’ jump and then came back better than ever and hit an 11’2’’ jump. According to @audubonps on Instagram, the second mark bettered her school record by 8 inches and is an outdoor and indoor best for her. Parr is now currently third in the state of New Jersey for Pole Vault, pushing her limits and hopefully one day coming in first!

I took some time to get to learn a little bit more about Parr and what drove her to this point in her career. Sarah shared that she started track following in her older sister’s footsteps after attending many of her big meets and seeing others pole vaulting. After thinking pole vaulting was very cool, she started pushing to be the person breaking records at those big meets one day. I asked Sarah what drives her day in and day out when it comes to pole vaulting and she responded, “I think what drives me the most is the competition and the high expectations from my team and family.” She then went on to tell me how this year she hopes to make it to nationals after finding out that she is very close to the height she needs to clear for the event. By the end of her senior year she wants to clear 13′ and push through the same event all throughout college. If you see Parr in the hallways or anywhere else, congratulate her on her big accomplishment! Go Wave!!