Advice For a Break Up

Breakups are hard, probably one of the worst things to ever go through. When it first happens the feeling is unbearable and you feel that there is a part of you missing. Everyday you wake up confused at how you let this happen and how things went So wrong . You wonder what you could have done to prevent everything from happening, but the answer is nothing. Everything happens for a reason and god chose this time for you and your boyfriend to break up. This happened to benefit you in some way. You will not see it right away, you might not see it a year from now , but when the outcome arrives you’ll understand. You’ll look back And have flashbacks at the memories you two shared. It’s good to carry them with you. When you think of them you have to think of the good things because they were a part of your life for a reason. At one point they made you the happiest you’ve ever been. They left your life to teach you a lesson, to make you grow as a person and go make you understand the person you need and want. Whether it’s your first love or forever love, they will teach you something about yourself you never knew before. The days will go by and it will get easier. You’ll learn to accept everything that happened and you’ll understand the mental health you gained again. And as you get better, you’ll eventually hear the song you two listened to a million times or the movie you guys watched on repeat and smile at the fact you got to share those moments with them. You’ll know what you guys had was real but you’ll accept why and how it ended. It gets better and right now it might not seem like it , but eventually in time it will. You just have to let time heal you and the days spent together. It gets better I promise.