Stardew Valley is the Best Game of All Time and No I Don’t Take Criticism

Stardew Valley is the Best Game of All Time and No I Don't Take Criticism

In times of stress and unwillingness to do anything other than sink into your bed, I hope you take time to look at this wonderful, do-no-wrong, amazing game called Stardew Valley.

This year on Christmas, my dad splurged and got me the Nintendo Switch I had wanted. And my sister, bad at keeping secrets, got me the downloaded version of this game. She spoke very highly of it (even though she’s never even played it) and urged me to play it immediately.

So, I didn’t touch it until February. On the verge of a breakdown, I opened the colorful game and started a new save file. I’m glad I did: For the past maybe three weeks, the only thing I’ve played is Stardew Valley. I haven’t even touched my in-depth Minecraft world, my halfway finished Witcher 3 save, or even re-downloaded Skyrim because it took up too much space.

I’m a stubborn person, and I’m very particular about everything. For video games, I like open-world, adventurous games, without a clear path, and side quests that aren’t really needed to complete the game. So, while Skyrim and Minecraft are also great games, Stardew Valley incorporates everything that I love oh so much. It’s versatile, calming, and fun.

A basic starter farm

The basis of the game is that your Grandpa leaves you a farm after he dies, and once you get burnt out from the regular life, you move to the farm. The game is never ending, with four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. No matter how far you get, there will always be stuff to do. Your skills range from farming, mining, foraging and fishing. Outside of your farm, there’s the town, or Stardew Valley. With over a dozen NPC’s and a few dateable ones, the possibilities are endless.

For me, I love to farm. As I’ve progressed in the game, I’ve extended to building a coop, a barn, and extensions on my own cabin (there’s an NPC, Robin, that will build for you, if you bring her the money and supplies.) Depending on the version of the buildings (basic, deluxe, etc.), there’s different animals you can adopt from Marnie (an NPC). These range from chickens, ducks, cows, goats, sheep, and pigs. If you ask Robin to build you a stable, a horse will come with it. If you allow pregnancy, your animals that live in the barn can give birth, and you can put eggs in an incubator to hatch new chickens and ducks. Collecting rare dinosaur eggs means you can someday hatch a dinosaur!

The animals

As for the farming, there’s a wide range of seeds that you can buy from Pierre at his shop. Each season brings different seeds, and you have to be aware of which ones bring more money and how long they take to grow. In your crafting folder, you can build your own devices, like a keg, a furnace, chests, a cheese press, a bee house, tappers, and much more. You can get more money from items this way, and have more to do in the game. As you progress in your farming skills, you can choose different skills to develop that can help you.

In the different seasons, different items, such as fruit and flowers, pop up around town and the farm that you can pick up. Doing this levels up your foraging skills, and as you do, you have the choice to pick up more items and sell for higher prices. You can also use the fruit you pick up to make preserves or wine in the keg, which sells for high prices.

The one thing I don’t like at all about this game is the fishing. Although fish bring in money, in my opinion, the fishing mechanism is too difficult to use on the Switch. There’s always mods, though!

Mining, somewhat alike Minecraft in a sense, is also fun. In the mountains, there’s a cave that goes down 120 floors. On each level, there is different monsters, geodes, and supplies that can drop. While the bats can be annoying to kill sometimes, mining is addictive in this game because you always want to keep going down! Just remember to bring food, because mining makes you lose energy and your health can deteriorate from the attacking monsters.

All of the NPC’s and their favorite items  (some appear later)

Now, I don’t have a favorite part of this game, but one thing that stands out is the depth of the NPCs. As you bring them gifts and interact with them, you learn more and more about their character, through cutscenes and what they tell you. We all have our favorites, but it’s still fun to take the time to find out about each NPC as time progresses. Also, as you get more and more hearts with them, there’s a higher chance of them sending you gifts or money in the mail! Giving them gifts that they love will earn you more hearts, but you can only give them two a week, three when they have a birthday, which doubles the amount of relationship points you get, since you’re being ‘oh so nice’ and you ‘remembered their birthday.’

A cool fact about this game is that it was entirely created by one person. Crazy, right? His name is Eric Barone, or “ConcernedApe.” He is still pretty involved in the community, as he wants to make sure this game is enjoyable for everyone.

I don’t want to spoil the entire game, and that would take forever since there is so many components to it, I’ll leave you with this: this game is amazing if you love adventurous farming games. It combines everything we love about Minecraft and Animal Crossing all in one. I rate it 10000000000000/10. I don’t take criticism, since this game is the best thing to ever happen.