The future I dream of

In farmland, A medium sized cottage sits in the middle of fields upon fields of green, fresh grass. There is a cobblestone road leading up to it from the vast road, a large fence around the property and dogs always greeting you. The cottage itself is light blue, with wind chimes and sun momentums around the enclosed porch, which has a swinging bench, right in the sun to get warm through the cold air. There are roses lining the house all around it, not strong enough to make your nose hurt, but enough that it fills you with calm and you sink even lower into your seat. In the backyard, there is a small chicken coop, and a few dog houses, the grass is scattered with dog toys. There is a telescope in the way back, aimed up to the skies, that you can see clearly through the expanse of open sky, unlittered with pollution. In the house, there is three bedrooms, either shared or used by one person, a large kitchen filled with everybody’s favorite foods. There is always the smell of lavender and eucalyptus, and the roof above the kitchen is a large window, enough see the stars during dinner, and feel the cold air on your skin comfortably. In the dining room, there is a white table littered with writings and notebooks covered in drawings and notes of encouragement for each other. there is a few mugs placed about, and a small succulent in the middle, next to the candle of the week, chosen from the extensive candle drawer in the cabinet in the living room. there is a gray sectional couch in this said living room, with fluffy blankets and throw pillows. the tv is mounted to the wall opposite of it, and on either side are hailey’s favorite paintings, The Kiss and Starry Night. the cabinet beneath the tv holds a few knick knacks and another candle. there is a dog bed in the corner, big enough for any of the dogs, yet most of them sit on the couch or at our feet. there is a recliner beside the couch, which is usually occupied by the one who does not feel like being in close proximity to anyone that night. beside the front door, there is a small table with a bowl of keys and a drawer full of menus for different food places. In my room, there is a full sized bed pushed in the corner, with a blue blanket and many fluffy pillows. despite almost never sleeping alone, the bed always feels too empty. at my desk, there is writings of all kinds and a few candles on the windowsill. There is a sunset painting above my bed and a few of my favorite poems on the walls around it. in the corner, there is an entire bookshelf, like the one hailey had when we were young, filled to the brim with all of my favorite books and poetry. I am happy, content here. me and my favorite people in the place that visits me in my dreams.