Unsolved: The Walker Family Murders

Unsolved: The Walker Family Murders

On December 19th, 1959, the entirety of the Walker family was murdered inside their home in Osprey, Florida. This includes Christine, 24 years old, who was raped before being shot to death. The other victims of the shooting include Christine’s husband Cliff, 25 years old, and their children Jimmie, age 3, and Debbie, only a year old.

Around 4 PM, Christine Walker came home to a house she thought was empty. It wasn’t, and she was brutally murdered. When her husband, Cliff, arrived later with his children, they were all shot immediately upon entering. However, Debbie did not die immediately, so the perpetrators drowned her in the bathtub. It wasn’t until the next morning that their neighbor found their bodies. And, when police investigations found a bloody footprint, a partial fingerprint on the tub, and a cigarette wrapper, there wasn’t a lot of information to pin this crime to anyone.

According to investigationdiscovery.com, serial murderer Monroe Spencer falsely confessed via letter but it was “cleverly constructed from real murders written up in newspapers and true-crime novels that he liked to read.” However, almost 50 years later in 2007, Sarasota’s County Sheriff Kimberly McGath reopened the case and within five years he connected the killing to Richard Hickock and Perry Smith who were one of suspects back in 1960.

Perry and Hickcock

According to the-line-up.com,  before murdering the Walker family, the pair stole a Chevrolet Bel Air and drove to Florida after they murdered the Clutter family. When they reached Florida, they made a pit stop at a department store just a few miles away from the Walker family house. It is believed that both Perry and Hickock knocked on the Walker’s door offering to sell her a car. It is often believed that Christine invited them inside. However, once they were stopped on December 30th, 1959 in Las Vegas, the two confessed to the murder of the Clutter family. Once asked questions about the Walker family, they passed the polygraph test, so police did not continue to question them further.

Once the two confessed in their involvement with the Clutter family killings and it was proven to be true, the two were hanged in 1965 and unfortunately, if they were involved with the Walker family, it will remain strictly hypothetical as all their secrets were taken to the grave. With that said, the case remains unsolved.