Cole Clark Performs at WXPN World Cafe Live for Kids Rock Philly

This past Sunday, February 23rd, Mrs. Knoll and Mrs. Lin traveled to Philadelphia to see 8th grader Cole Clark perform at the WXPN World Cafe Live for Kids Rock, 3025 Walnut Street. Cole and over 100 other talented students performed with the School of Rock of Cherry Hill.

The Cherry Hill School of Rock is an organization that supports young kids in their music abilities by holding classes and camps for kids to pursue their love of music. Cole has been part of the School of Rock for around 3 years. They have performed at the Wildwood Boardwalk as well as Summerfest in Milwaukee, where other famous artists performed such as Billie Eilish. Cole said that his favorite part is “The way that they get really cool venues and book shows for us, because when people hear that it’s kids performing they aren’t as enthusiastic.”

At World Cafe Live, Cole and his group performed two songs. First was “Am I Evil,” by Diamond Head, and “Breaking the Law,” by Judas Priest. Cole both sang and played the guitar during his performance. Mrs. Knoll and Mrs. Lin had a great time supporting along with his other friends and family. Mrs. Knoll said, “It was unbelievable, and I was really impressed.” Way to go, Cole!