This Mistake Could Be a Premonition of The End of AMD

Recently, AMD has been in some hot water over their graphics cards. Many people have been reporting black screens, overheating, and other issues with computers that have RX 5700 and RX 5000 series graphics cards. People have filed complaints towards AMD as well as ASUS, who puts AMD graphics cards in their computers. Even though there is a sizable number of people experiencing the issues, there are still a fair amount that have not experienced technical difficulties. 

ASUS immediately threw AMD under the bus and blamed their process and guidelines for issues with the graphics cards. ASUS has since backtracked and placed some of the blame on themselves as well as AMD. Some are probably wondering, “What was wrong with these graphics cards?” The issue arose from the screws on the graphics card. They weren’t screwed hard enough, which allows the graphics card to overheat and potentially get damaged. 

Many youtubers and tech websites provide fixes for the issue or provide alternatives. There is an issue with this, however, and it’s summed up perfectly by a quote from PCWorld on the matter. The author, Brad Chacos, said “Having to jerry-rig something together to get decent performance out of your $400-plus graphics card is a bummer, to say the least, especially in one of the most expensive models available.” Not many are acting like it’s the end of the world for AMD, but their stocks did make a noticeable drop by 10%. This could mark the start of a slow downfall for AMD or it could be a simple bump in the road. Only time will tell.


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