Let It Go


 We all do it. Overreact about situations that don’t deserve our attention. We get aggravated and annoyed over the smallest things. Someone eating the last piece of cake, your brother taking too long in the bathroom, even something as simple as forgetting to do your homework. It’s funny how the most insignificant situation can cause your day disturbance, and in some cases, even ruin it.

To keep your mind more at ease, try not to let this happen. Life is too short and beautiful to be bothered by the simplest things. Don’t let the small inconveniences in life knock you down. My mother always told me: “You can plan all you want, but life is busy making other plans.” Hearing that my whole life let me open my eyes to how the world really works. You can not plan or prepare for the inconveniences that may come your way in life, but you can control how you handle them.  Instead of letting it bother you, let it go. Make a joke out of it and laugh it off. You never know when your last day is going to be; because of this, everyone should be taking advantage of what life has to offer. Just remember, let it be, let it go, and most importantly, appreciate life.