District Champs, Jeff & Jake Jordan!


This past weekend, the boys wrestling team went to Districts in hope of furthering their season into Regions. The tournament took place on Saturday, February 22, at approximately 10 AM and went on all the way through finals until about 5 PM. This tournament is more about individual placing rather than team placing. Audubon proudly brought home 4 people who are moving on to Regions and 2 of which are now District Champs! Scott Lynch crushed it this weekend, taking 2nd place at Districts and Taylor Donnelly in 3rd! Jeff and Jake Jordan both topped it off with a win in the finals and took 1st place in both of their weight classes. 

Due to the huge accomplishment of both the boys I decided to take some time to ask some questions to see a little bit on the inside. First, I spoke to Jeff Jordan, who wrestles at 285 lbs. With 33 wins and counting, he was able to take home the title of District Champion for the first time in his high school career. Being a 3-sport-athlete, I asked Jeff what drove him to his limits this season, knowing there was a lot of pressure. He responded by telling me he had a desire to be the best, and with his practice partners and mom constantly picking him up he was able to make it happen. I then went on to ask him what or who inspires him the most and he added on, “My mom inspires me the most, but everything else comes from within.” With that type of mindset you truly believe you will put in the work to where you want to be, and as of right now he is still grinding. Walking into Districts, Jordan knew he would be going up against Dejesus from Triton in Quarters. Taking the win on the mat, he then moved onto semis to battle with Ethan Diago from Paul VI High School for the spot in finals. Once again, Jordan won over Diago in less than 5 min of wrestling. I asked Jeff what he loved most about the environment at Districts and he told me “I loved being with everyone who pushed me and helped me get to where I am. That was when I really started to appreciate all of the work I’ve put in.” In the finals, Jeff Jordan put up a tough fight against Mark Loveland from Lenape Regional High School in hope of conquering first and becoming a District Champ. With a final score of 9-2, he did exactly that. As we narrow down the questions I asked Jeff on how it feels to be a champion and quickly he responded, “Good, but I’m not satisfied,” and that he’s looking forward to seizing another opportunity of being successful at Regions.

With the same goals as Jeff, Jake took on Districts as well hoping to become a champion and win it all. With 33 wins this season I asked Jake what drove him to where he is now. He responded by telling me once he lost in the first tournament of the year he knew how much he hated losing, so he wanted to change that. Walking into Districts, Jordan knew he wanted to dominate and come out on top. Wrestling at the weight of 220, Jake ended his match 6-1 against Max Pierre from Rancocas Valley and moved onto Semi-Finals. In Semis, Jordan then wrestled Ian Camerato from Lenape and won 10-2. Knowing he was on a roll, he wasn’t going to let the feeling of victory leave his sight. In finals Jordan wrestled Justice Wilson from Manchester Township and pinned him in a minute-fifty. I asked Jordan what his favorite part was about the environment that surrounded him at this time and he said that it was all of the hard work. In the days coming up, Jake is looking forward to “expanding his wrestling knowledge by going to Regions and hopefully states.”

This week Scott Lynch, Taylor Donnelly, Jeff Jordan, and Jake Jordan will all be traveling to Toms River to compete at Regions. With hopes of winning, they will hopefully take on the tournament like they did last weekend. If you see them in the hallways, don’t be shy to say congratulations and wish them good luck this weekend!! Watch their matches below!!