Interact Club makes PB&Js for those in need

Last Wednesday, February 26, students in the Audubon Interact Club joined together to prepare food for those in need. They collected bread, peanut butter and jelly donations. Around 30 students made a total of 356 PB&J sandwiches. These sandwiches will be delivered to the Cathedral Kitchen located at 1514 Federal St. in Camden.

The Cathedral Kitchen is the largest emergency food provider in Camden, serving more than 100,000 meals a year! Their goal is to feed and energize a healthy community, as well as train and employ people in need of a job in the area to help improve their lives. The Interact Club has been involved with this awesome organization, doing several other projects for them. Junior Joey Monteferrante states that he “feels joy making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches knowing what they will do to those in need.” Sophomore Tyler Bittner said “It’s nice to get your hands dirty for a good cause.”

The Interact Club also began preparation for Autism Awareness Month. They painted pins as colorful puzzle pieces, a common symbol used organizations working with autism. These pins will be sold by the club during homeroom for one dollar each and all proceeds will go to autism awareness. Way to go, Interact!