The Louvre closes as France reports over 100 cases of the Coronavirus


The Louvre museum, located in Paris, France, is often considered to be the most popular museum in the world. The staff collectively decided on Sunday, March 1st to not open due to the rising number of cases surrounding the COVID-19 virus, which has killed over 2,900 people and has infected over 85,000 worldwide, according to Of these, there have been 2 deaths and a little over 100 cases of the coronavirus in France.

The Louvre issued a statement saying that they “cannot open this Sunday, March 1st … Museum staff met to discuss the health situation and the COVID-19 prevention measures taken by the museum following instructions from the competent authorities.”

With over 9.6 million people visiting the Louvre every year and over 75% being visitors coming outside of France, this comes as no surprise. Considering Italy’s recorded outbreak from, with over 1,100 reported Coronavirus cases and a staggering 29 deaths, it’s undoubtedly spreading and fast.


In addition to Switzerland banning large gatherings, the French government issued an order banning all public gatherings of over 5,000 people in a confined space. Due to this, the cancelled events include: Paris Half Marathon on Sunday, the Paris Agricultural Fair, and a fireworks display in the southern city of Nice.