Skyrim, The Elder Legend (Review)


So, if you’re a gamer, then you’ve probably heard about this game a lot, or you’re like me and played it yourself. But if you haven’t heard of this legend of a game, you’ll be in for a good time, because Skyrim has something for every type of hero. Today we will be exploring the three ways that this game is totally worth your time. The base game as a standalone has tons of hours of content and story, so don’t worry about getting bored. Then, there are the DLCs that expand on the ideas of the base game, which were given away in the Xbox One Edition. The last thing is the insane volume of mods that have been user-made to enhance the gaming experience.

So, to start off, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on it’s own is quite frankly, a beautiful masterpiece of a game. As the player, you can become one of 10 separate races to start off your story. Each one has their own perks and advantages that make them unique to one another. For example, the Orc is best for fighting with melee weapons and a fully offensive playstyle, which I myself enjoy doing. But there isn’t just melee, there is also bows and magic for those who enjoy those types of gameplay. You can also improve your skills in the game, customizing your character towards exactly how you wish to play.

Inside of said skills, are perks, which also improves your playthrough of the game. Each one you unlock from how high of a level you are in that specific skill. Yet if you read the description of each of these said skills, you can create some insane combinations. One of these combinations is a three skilled combination. By upgrading yourself in the skills Alchemy, Enchanting, and Smithing which are three of the hardest to upgrade overall, you can create a cycle of improving yourself by continuously making stronger and stronger potions, armor and enchantments you can practically create free money for your time while making gear that is better than anything else possible in the game.

But that’s just the basics of character creation and customization, so let’s move out of the beginning phase and talk about stuff you’ll see throughout the rest of the game. Firstly, I just have to say, there are about 114 hours of gameplay packed into this game, and that isn’t even counting all of the searching for some of the most well-hidden secrets of this game. There isn’t just a single story to this game, you get to change the entire layout of the world by participating in a war and join different groups and organizations across the world, all of which give you perks and special dialogue options. One of the groups even allow you to pay off the guards who would attempt to arrest you if you break any laws. To aid you throughout the game are artifacts hidden inside of quest lines. Each of these artifacts have their own specialty which, I must to say, some of them are seriously worth the trouble to get. You must be wary though, because the game can sometimes play tricks on you and give you a weaker artifact, depending on your actions.

Now that we’ve gotten through all those hours of gameplay and awesome features, let’s move over to the icing on top of this cake: the DLCs. In total, they add 30 extra hours onto the base game. Though this may not seem like alot, trust me: These DLCs are nothing to joke about. The Dawnguard DLC allows you to choose between being a holy crusader on a quest to destroy an order of vampires, or becoming the king of the vampires yourself. Each side has some insane perks and disadvantages. Personally, I’d say go with the Dawnguard because if you learn all they can teach you, you can become even bigger of a threat to any monster who stands against you.

Then, there is the Dragonborn DLC, which adds more depth to a diet that you meet in a secret quest in the original game, where he puts you against his champion. All along the way, you learn new shouts that allow you to take on the challenges of the world you find yourself in. By defeating the champion, you gain a brand new unique armor set and a perkbook that allows you to enhance yourself that much more. There is also the Hearthfire DLC which is allows you to build your own home and adopt children, which makes it the smallest out of all of the three DLC’s.

Finally, there are the both awesome and weird fans of the game. We, the fans, created some insane mods to enhance our experience further than the original game. Some add hours upon hours of gameplay onto the game. Some others take some of the things that we love in our lives, such as stuff from TV and movies, and have created whole mods out of them. I, for example once I finished my game which took me longer than anticipated, added mods into my game which made the game so hard that it felt like I was playing Dark Souls.

So, to summarize, this game is one of the most of the amazing games that I’ve ever played. Its story is extremely in-depth and interactive. In reality, you could spend far too long playing the game and still never reach 100% completion. So, if you ever get the chance to play Skyrim, don’t be fooled into thinking all of the options in the game were put into the character creator. I’d have to say out of 10 this game is a 9. That’s only because when I played it on the Xbox 360, I could bake cookies between loading screens.