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Senior Scholarship Opportunity

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There’s currently an incredibly easy opportunity for seniors to receive scholarship money. The Audubon Alumni Association has a total of $13,000 to divvy up amongst ten students. And it’s never been easier: three minutes of your time to fill out some basic info, turn it in, and then you’re in the running. This scholarship is designed for students who demonstrate scholastic achievements in fields that will be important to their future, who also exemplify good citizenship. To achieve this goal, you must fill out the application (attached), list all extracurricular activities and achievements, and attach a resume. The lineup for rewards is as follows: 1st place receives $3000, 2nd and 3rd receive $1500, and the 4th through 10th earn $1000. This scholarship can greatly assist you in your future plans once you leave Audubon High School. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. 

2017 AHS Scholarships letter

2017 AHS scholarship form

Senior Scholarship Opportunity