Guardian’s Potential 12

Chapter 12: Siege The Castle

Luke sat on the rooftop of Drakon High, looking down towards the students below as they entered to start their day. He sighed as he checked for any messages on his phone. His inbox was empty and no new texts have arrived. That’s when the metal door to the roof opened. Emerging from it was the Ace, with his blindfold still covering his eyes. 

“Why do you even wear that thing? It looks hideous on you. It demeans how well you keep order in this school for me.” Luke put his hands into his pockets. 

Ace smirked as he boomed his voice.“I wear it for my own reasons, just as you hide away from responsibility and push your own issues onto others. Besides that though, I don’t keep order in this school for you, I do it because they are still MY people down there; and since your dumbass got rid of the faith in this school, I’ve had to take charge, all by my damn self.” Ace stepped close to Luke. “You are no King, all you are is a wannabe. You’re lucky I don’t personally dispose of you right now. Without a King to enforce the law, there will be only chaos.”

Luke gritted his teeth together, holding back his anger. Ace turned away and began to walk back inside of the school. Luke’s body glowed a brilliant blue as he extended a hand from which a force field encased Ace. Luke clenched his hand and the barrier began to shrink around him.

Ace bellowed as the walls touched his skin and began cracking all over. “You think you can beat me with your idiotic tricks? Sorry boy, but school is in session.” With that, Ace flexed his muscles and shattered the entire forcefield. Luke recoiled away from Ace, blood dripping from the sides of his mouth. Ace then moved forward with immense speed and kicked Luke off of the roof of the school. As he plummeted to the ground, Luke created a sphere on the ground with his ability to absorb the impact. 

Yet, when he hit the barrier, it shattered as if it wasn’t even there. Luke crashed into the front pathway of the school. There was a loud crunch, followed by Luke’s piercing scream as he laid on the concrete ground. He opened his eyes skyward, to find a shadow growing in size above him. Luke rolled away and ended up on top of the nearby grass, barely escaping from the explosion in the concrete where he once laid. Ace stood up from the crater he created. Several freshman students watched as Ace walked over to Luke who desperately tried to use his good arm to stop the monster. But each forcefield was merely an inconvenience that slowed him for a millisecond.

“Now, you see why I am the ruler of this school, I am a god compared to you.” Ace smashed one of his boots onto the last good arm of Luke. Ace leaned forward, laying his arm onto the leg crushing Luke’s arm, practically severing it in half. 

“Leave him alone!” A tall girl sprinted forward, faster than the Ace could react. The girl attempted to punch The Ace’s side but missed as he turned. Instead she ripped off the bandana covering his eyes. She came to a halt and turned around to dash forward again. As she looked at The Ace, her face filled with horror as she started at Ace’s eyes, which glowed a deep, dark purple. She sat and stared at the monster as he walked over and backhanded her. Knocking her out entirely. Inside the school, several students could be seen taking videos of the entire spectacle. 

Ace walked back and picked up the broken body of Luke by the shirt, raising him up into the air. “Now, you see why the old Kings never challenged me. They were scared of who I was and I reveled in their despair, just as you are now. Now kneel before your god.” Ace dropped Luke and he crumpled onto his knees. His broken arms slumped forward and his head bowed to Ace. Ace walked away with a look of pride across his face, leaving Luke on his knees.