Biggest Supernova Since the Big Bang has Been Spotted


At the end of February, an international collaboration of scientists made an amazing discovery.  Our universe experienced an explosion so big, it can only be compared to the magnitude of the Big Bang. The information was gathered using a mix of space-based and ground-based telescopes. 

The explosion was located in the middle of the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster, a cluster which contains thousands of galaxies and is over 390 million light years away. Researchers theorize that it may have something to do with the black hole in the middle of the galaxy cluster. The theory goes that the black hole ejected so much matter and energy into space, that Earth’s observatories were able to pick it up.

The astronomers actually didn’t see the explosion. By the time they discovered it happened, the explosion was already over. They studied it’s “remnants” in the cosmos. As said in an article by CNET, “Basically, the explosion is like a dinosaur, and the astronomers used giant radio telescopes to dust it off and pull it out of the ground.”

Many astronomers believed that it was a star that’s been dimming for a while now, known as Betelgeuse. Upon finding out that the star did not explode, some were disappointed. As a matter of fact, the dimming of the star seemed to pause altogether. Even though astronomers are disappointed by the lack of Betelgeuse new, they are still excited about the news coming out about this new explosion and the information behind it.