Lil Baby’s “My Turn”


Singer and Songwriter from the hard streets of East Atlanta, GA, Dominique Armani Jones, aka “Lil’ Baby,” rose to mainstream attention in 2017 when he dropped his mixtape “Perfect timing,” which is quite ironic. Only being the astonishing age of 25 and making millions, from trapper to rapper and left heartless from his rough upbringing, Lil’ Baby will make you envision his youth. Gunshots to drug runs and high speed chases, he’s been through it all and can portray it like Picasso.

“My Turn,” Lil Baby’s is newest studio album, which features Gunna, 42 dugg, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, Moneybagg Yo, Young Thug and Rylo Rodriguez. Containing a so/so tracklist, having a variation of songs with hard rap songs, soothing pop songs and indie styled singles. Lil Baby is expected to sell 190k units within his first week, which is really impressive, considering artist like Eminem, a pedestalled legend in the rap game, was only able to sell 120k his first week. Lil Baby experiments with new sounds in “My turn,” and incorporates his old style of rap which explains why he is so respected in the industry in such a short time span. He also includes how he has matured and more understanding of how fame works and the downsides of it.

Tracklist :

Get Ugly : 6/10 (Note: Generic song)

Heatin up : 9/10 (Note: Baby and Gunna back at it with the classy duo)

How : 6/10

Grace : 6/10

Woah : 7/10 (Note: Pre-released gets old)

Live Off My Closet : 9/10 (Note: Anything with future slaps)

Same Thing : 8/10

Emotionally Scarred : 10/10 (Note: Baby popped off in this single)

Commercial : 10/10 (Note: Lil Uzi carried this song)

Forever : 9/10 (Note: The whole lil wayne saying slime is cringey)

Can’t Explain : 9/10 (Note: One of his better singles in this song)

No Sucker : 10/10 (Note: One of the few Moneybagg Yo songs I like)

Sum 2 Prove : 7/10

We Should : 7/10

Catch The Sun : 8/10 (Note: Not my style but mainstream will love it)

Consistent : 7/10

Gang Signs : 5/10

Hurtin : 7/10

Forget That : 8/10

Solid : 6/10