Who is Jack the Ripper?


A serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper” is said to be one of the most notorious killers in London. His killing began in 1888. Who did he prey on, you may ask? His only victims seemed to be prostitutes, but why was he attacking them? He made his mark as Jack the Ripper by killing and mutilating at least five women. His murders became more and more frequent, within a three month time period. 

The way that the Ripper killed people was extremely graphic and violent. Authorities thought that it was so graphic that they predicted the killer must have had the occupation as a doctor or butcher.  The local people could visibly see how skilled the Ripper was with a knife. His five victims were put into a category called the “Whitechapel Murders.” The women he killed were Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly. Each woman had their throats slashed, stomachs split, and organs removed from their body. Jack the Ripper would then take his victims organs, and throw them about in the streets for the people to see. 

The FBI decided to reopen these cold case files in 1988 and found that the women he had murdered must have been killed very early in the morning after “work.” They did background checks on all five women, and found that all of them drank heavily and were prostitutes. Unfortunately, even after reopening the case, the authorities were still unable to identify the vicious killer. Jack the Ripper remained unidentified till the day he died.