Amazon Filters Fake Coronavirus “Cures”


Recently Amazon, as well as other websites that host third party sellers, have faced an issue involving third party sellers. It has been reported that there has been an influx of sellers who have sent out deceitful or harmful products to buyers. Many of these products were related to the novel coronavirus (face masks, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc). Among this were fake cures, trying to take advantage of those fearful of the virus. Amazon reportedly got rid of over 1,000,000 products that were deceptive, while also getting rid of over 10,000 that were price gouging. 

Because of incidents like this, Amazon and similar sites have faced scrutiny. Critics state that Amazon actually benefits off of these products, since Amazon gets a percent of each sale made on their site. Some propose that certain measures should be taken, such as the reviewing of an item before its posted to the site. 


The Motley Fool