SAO’s Second Arc is Questionable…

I’m getting serious “Alabama people” vibes…


 I don’t entirely hate Sword Art Online. The first few episodes were great, and something about the fight scenes captivates me. Other than that, yes, I do hate the series. I despise it with every fiber of my being. There are only a handful of good things in the first season, and my associate, Alex Chase, highlighted a majority of the issues in the first major arc. But what about the second? Oh, trust me. It gets a whole lot worse. Beware of heavy spoilers.

The plot is godawful. A new VR game has been released and all of the main characters are playing (even though you’d figure they’d have PTSD from nearly dying in the first season). All have awoken except for Asuna. Kirito, real name Kazuto, has been visiting her as she’s in the hospital (which definitely isn’t creepy at all, seeing as her family doesn’t even know him). We find out that Kazuto lives with his cousin, Suguha, aunt, and uncle. They try to give the family an arc, but it falls flat on its face and doesn’t add anything. Get used to seeing Suguha, because she’s a main character in this season. Kirito plays the online game without his cousin’s knowledge and they meet within the game. They quickly become close and the worst possible thing happens. Suguha gets a crush on Kirito. What’s even worse is that later in the series, when all the characters fawn over Kazuto, she admits that she still has some feelings for him. That is utterly disgusting! Good job, Japan, you’ve turned into the new Alabama. Kazuto later finds out that his e-girlfriend, Asuna, is being held captive in the game by the dude who runs it. Upon finding this out, he trains in game to the best of his ability in order to reach the top of the in-game tower where Asuna is located. There are other events in the show, but they all sum up to stroking Kazuto’s ego and plot armor. There are no real stakes in the show which makes it feel boring and a drag to watch. 

The animation is okay. When the series first came out it was pretty good, but looking back it seems bland and forgettable. No characters really stand out, and the only thing that really does stand out is the bad CGI. SAO was around when anime companies had just started mixing CGI with hand drawn animation, and let’s just say it didn’t age well. 

When it comes to the characters, SAO’s second arc has probably the worst characters in the entire franchise. Only 4 matter and those are Kazuto, Suguha, Asuna, and Sugou Nobuyuki (the guy holding Asuna captured). Every other character is either one note or is only used as a tool to serve Kazuto’s quest to save Asuna. Kazuto is a generic hero and Asuna is a generic damsel in distress. And Sugou Nobuyuki is probably one of the worst written “creepers” of all time. He constantly sexually harasses her, berates her, and shares his weird fantasies about her. What makes it worse is that Asuna is about 17, while Sugou is anywhere from 27 to 38. Then when we can finally see some justice, Kazuto wusses out and lets the police handle it. 

Sword Art Online’s second arc is a waste of everyone’s time. The characters are horrible, the story is worse, and there is nothing truly redeeming about it, just a ton of incest jokes. If I were to rate this I would give it a 1 or a 2 out of 10. There is nothing of interest here, so simply move on to something else.