Eternal Atake


Eternal Atake: Did it live up to the hype? The wildly anticipated album was teased and had songs leaked for almost 2 years with no sign of a release date or tracklist just dropped on a Friday morning, March 6, with no warning. Is it the actual album or just the throwaways? I’m still waiting for the most wanted tracks like “Jelly Bean”, “Myron”, and “Batman”, which have had sneak peaks released since late 2018. These tracks are supposedly to be released in the deluxe edition this Friday. If this is the real album, is it what longtime Uzi fans have been yearning for? Honestly, even if it isn’t the real album, I am shocked because this is the best album released since Young Thugs So Much Fun. The rap industry has been in the midst of a drought, with no new music having been released that’s worth listening to. But not only is the album worth listening to, it has some of my new favorite songs within it, with tracks like “Lo Mein”, “Silly Watch”, “Celebration Station”, and “Bust Me” to name a few. I won’t continue to name the whole album, but with these tracks, you can’t go wrong. Lil Uzi is now expected to sell 350k units in his first week: Yes, 350k. There’s no way you can hate all songs that are reaching the top of Billboard’s Hot 100. How can you even criticize? Even if you aren’t a rap fan and don’t tend to like or understand the culture, he has released tracks like “That Way”, “Urgency”, and “I’m Sorry”, which are just amazing tracks featuring a slower type of flow. However did it remind me of the 2016 vibes we all missed? The answer is no. It honestly was more of a Luv is Rage 3, and I’m not complaining, the album is still extremely good, and I highly recommend you go give it a listen,  especially “P2”, which brought me back to an old me I forgot about, it made me feel like when I did when I was happy. All I can say is thank you Symere Woods, Baby Pluto, Genji, and Lil Uzi Vert.


Every song: 10/10