The Jamison Family Disappearance

The Jamison Family Disappearance

The Jamison Family consisted of Bobby Dale Jamison (44), Sherilyn Leighann Jamison (40), their daughter Madyson Stormy Star Jamison, and their dog Maisy. Unfortunately, this family went missing on the 8th of October, 2009 in the Red Oak Mountain area of Southeast Oklahoma. Originally from Eufaula, Oklahoma, their pickup truck was found eight days after their disappearance in Red Oak.

The Jamisons were interested in purchasing a 40 acre plot of land (without ever mentioning this to any other family members, including Sherilyn’s son). When their truck was found, there was no apparent signs of struggle, and the vehicle had not crashed.

In the backseat of the truck, their dog, Maisy, was found barely alive and only surviving from the consumption of her own feces. In the front seat of the truck, searchers found Bobby’s wallet, Sherilyn’s purse, a GPS, $32,000 in cash, clothing, and a cell phone. A picture of Madyson that was believed to be taken on the day that the family went missing was found on the cellphone, which is odd, considering that Bobby’s phone was later found back inside the pickup truck.

A large search party consisting of around 100 volunteers, horses, cadaver dogs, and helicopters went in search for the missing family but unfortunately, nothing came up until around four years later. On November 16th of 2013, their remains were found when two deer hunters went hunting a few miles from where the truck was originally found. It’s also speculated that considering the position that the truck was in that the family had to forcefully exit the truck. The bodies of the husband and wife were laying side by side and face down.

Picture of Madyson and Maisy found on Bobby’s cell phone on the day of the disappearances.

Due to the length of time between the findings of the bodies and when the bodies went missing, all the coroner could detect was a possible bullet enter and exit hole found in Bobby’s skull. And, before we get into the theories regarding the families death, there was some unusual behaviors exhibited from the husband and wife that are worth mentioning. On a large container located at the Jamison family’s property back in Eufaula, there were unusual phrases scribbled across the top such as “3 cats killed to date buy [sic] people in this area…Witches don’t like there [sic] black cat killed,” according to

What’s even more strange is that in the months leading up to their deaths, some neighbors and family members accounted that the family looked as if the parents were emaciated and would almost always have large amounts of cash on them. This is odd, considering that the two haven’t had a job and were only receiving disability checks (Bobby was in an accident that left him with chronic back pain.)

Now, going into the theories surrounding the case (according to

  • Some people suggest that it was a murder suicide, since both adults suffered from depression, but there’s not a lot to back this particular suggestion up, because Red Oak is known for producing crystal meth, some thought drugs were apart of the case. This would make sense because both looked emaciated in the months before the disappearance. There is also videotape footage of the couple standing in front of their garage in a so called “trance-like state.
  • As for one of the most popular theories, it’s said that the death of the Jamison family had to do with cults, evil spirits, and witchcraft. And, it was said by the family’s pastor that they were involved with “spiritual warfare.” But, again, there isn’t a lot to back this theory up besides a witch’s bible that Sherilyn bought as a joke.